“Our partnership with Volumod gives us the ability to deliver a better product at a lower price point more quickly than anyone in the market.”


- Ethan Fernhaber, president



The future is bright at Renewing Management! The dream of increasing the number of communities to 40 by the year 2030 is already in motion. The management team is gathering a highly-skilled and experienced team to pivot from a renovation model to a new-construction model. Rather than absorb the high cost and inefficiencies of renovation, the team is moving to construct excellent, energy-efficient apartment communities in secondary markets and transitioning neighborhoods within Indiana.


Volumetric Modular Construction

Our partnership with Volumod LLC - a 250,000 square-foot factory on the east side of Indianapolis – creates attainable home ownership to millions of working Americans. Volumod utilizes a revolutionary new process is called volumetric modular construction, where each unit goes through the same process in the quality-controlled factory environment. At 40 different stations, trained workers do their specialized jobs – drywalling, plumbing, tiling, electrical – to produce a high-quality apartment home. The home is then transported to the site and systematically placed by a crane in one of Renewing Management's new communities across the state of Indiana.


The benefits of this type of construction add up as efficient, choice finishes can be utilized at a fraction of the cost of one-by-one renovation. By mass-producing apartment homes, Volumod is a wholesale buyer for all items used in the construction process. Delays and errors that routinely occur on a traditional job site due to weather, personnel or material inefficiencies all but evaporate in the controlled factory environment.  The result is a high-quality home, at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. 


“Our partnership with Volumod gives us the ability to deliver a better product at a lower price point more quickly than anyone in the market,” says president, Ethan Fernhaber.


Redemptive Entrepreneurship

As “Redemptive Entrepreneurs,” the people of Renewing Management recognize that there is more than one bottom line in business. Success comes not just from making money, but from positively impacting lives on a day-to-day basis. In keeping with the desire to impact the community, the factory used to produce apartment homes will also produce tiny homes for Indiana’s homeless population and single-family homes to put equity in the pockets of employees and citizens.