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Rebuilding the Great State of Indiana One Life at a Time


Renewing Management isn't a typical company, and the leadership reflects this passion for purpose. “We own and operate single and multi-family communities across Indiana,” says Ethan Fernhaber, president of Renewing Management, describing the nature of his company. “But that’s not what we really do.” 


What Renewing Management really does is to "restore hope by transforming communities across Indiana." With dozens of multi and single-family communities from South Bend to Evansville, this mission is being accomplished one life at a time.

Humble Roots

Renewing Management was born in 2003 when founder Ethan Fernhaber took out a home equity line of credit to purchase a trailer in one of the poorest counties in Indiana and turned it into a rental property.  Soon, he purchased the first apartment community, and with that acquisition, Ethan found his life's work. "In those days I was chasing the almighty dollar," he says, but God soon changed his heart and his priorities. These days, Ethan sees not income streams when viewing a potential property acquisition, but an opportunity to impact hearts and lives all over Indiana and beyond. As a "Redemptive Entrepreneur” Ethan recognizes that there is more than one bottom line in business. Success comes not just from making money, but from positively impacting lives on a day-to-day basis. 

Wellness Redefined

Renewing Management focuses not only on physical, vocational and social well-being, but also on emotional and spiritual health for both apartment residents and employees who choose to participate in monthly events, including Bible studies, prayer, and worship. While help with practical needs and a social network certainly helps eradicate loneliness and bring joy, true transformation starts within. 


“At Renewing Management we acknowledge hardships and victories together every single day,” says Vice President and co-owner, Amanda Warren. “We want to give the best, most efficient service because the housing we provide is a sacred space for our residents.” Since 1997 Amanda has worked in nearly every facet of the apartment industry. Although she tirelessly provides top-notch, innovative operations, her focus is still all about relationships and making sure that residents and employees are supported. “Every employee is helping shape our impact by living out our core values and mission,” she says.


Employees participate in monthly Wellness Challenges to promote healing and growth, focusing on both personal and professional development. Employees freely discuss the company culture and help find innovative ways to correct inefficiencies. By creatively showing employee appreciation and promoting Joy as a core value, Renewing employees enjoy real relationships and growth opportunities.

Impact Initiatives

In 2018 Renewing helped to launch Nexus Impact Center on the Northwest side of Indianapolis and moved headquarters to that building. Partnering with other impact-minded businesses, Nexus helped merge for-profit business and social impact. Soon, however, rapid growth facilitated needing more office space, and in 2021 Renewing moved to its new headquarters on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. Housed in the same building as sister company, Volumod, and P30, (a community center and business incubator) the company is poised to revolutionize the housing industry and has big plans for the future.

Along the way, Renewing has stayed true to the mission by funding a myriad of impact-based initiatives (Like the non-profit Renewing Communities in 2019.) From building Gardens in each apartment community to assisting those coming out of incarceration, all of the Impact Initiatives are focused on restoring hope. 

Renewing Management’s team is dedicated to what they really do - restore hope. “We have the best employees in the state of Indiana,” Ethan says simply. “It’s all about helping people see their full potential - what God created them to do.”

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