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“We love that we get to build relationships with amazing people."

- Beth Metzler, Community Builder



Humans are built for relationships and desire the security of being known and loved. Although in apartments people live in close proximity, often they may not even know the people with whom they share a wall.  


Adam and Beth Metzler understand the human desire for connection and they work hard to make their neighborhood a welcoming place to call home. As residents of Renewing Management’s Private Reserve Community since 2016, they are part of Community Care Network, a program that brings connection to neighbors. As the designated Community Builders for Private Reserve, their job is to welcome new residents with a small gift, plan monthly events, and serve and connect to their neighbors. 


The Community Builder program brings connection to neighbors, practical help and emotional support. Monthly events, planned by the Community Builders like the Metzlers, brings people together. The Metzlers have planned many events, such as cookouts, pool parties, student tutoring sessions, school supply and book drives, gardening events and a weekly Bible study. They are also a safe voice for the community and provide neighbors a trusted resource.


“We love that we get to build relationships with amazing people,” says Beth. “In our 4 ½ years at Private Reserve, we really can see the change in the neighborhood as people get to know and trust each other, building community morale. Our lives have been enriched by the people of Private Reserve.”


Beth and Adam especially like the Bible study they coordinate and seeing life transformation among both adults and kids. “We see long-term spiritual growth,” says Beth. Some of the kids who were teenagers attending community events when the Metzlers first moved in are now transitioning to adulthood and they get to see long-term impact. “We get to see change happening,” says Beth. “That is super rewarding.” 

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