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Renewing Management doesn’t just rent apartments, but restores hope. In 2019, desiring to do more to help residents and employees within Renewing Management thrive, the non-profit organization Renewing Communities was formed. The foundation is funded through donations from Renewing Management employees, vendors, friends and community partners. Through these funds, the foundation provides rental assistance to residents, financial assistance to  employees facing hardship, and a growing number of essential programs and educational opportunities. 

Want to help us bring hope to people in our communities?


Renewing Communities partners with several organizations making a difference in Indiana! LSIndy also works to build and manage neighborhoods that promote the healing and health of people and the environment! LSIndy believes that we can be good stewards of our environment while still serving people well. Visit their web site to learn more, and consider donating to the cause!

For example, the local school system provided lunches to students of closed schools during the Covid-19 quarantine, but many families couldn’t pick up the lunches at the designated times. Melissa arranged transportation with the school, and delivered food to families. In addition, she works with community partners and local residents to bring ideas for youth programs to life. In bringing folks together, the sense of community continues to grow. Melissa identifies adult volunteers who live in the complex willing to invest in and champion various programs into the future. 

Dreaming for the Future

As a young organization, the future is full of possibilities for Renewing Communities. From providing emergency assistance to those in turmoil to providing college scholarships, helping employees and residents thrive also means actively partnering with local schools, churches and community organizations already doing great things nearby.


“We want to empower people to engage in something worthwhile. We dream of developing leaders by mentoring young people in all our communities across Indiana,” says Melissa, and hopes to bring the programs and resident engagement to other Renewing Management properties. “We’re working to equip people – both residents and employees – to uncover solutions that enhance their lives.” 


And Melissa is pumped about the possibilities. “For the first time in my life I truly love my job, and I really love the company. When we say Renewing Management is transforming communities across Indiana, that is truly what we’re doing.”


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Want to help us bring hope to people in our communities?

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