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To believe what you do not see.  

At Renewing, we celebrate the gifts and perspectives of all our employees and friends, regardless of spiritual beliefs. We invite all of us to explore a little more our purposes on this planet and dig a little deeper into faith. Because we are grounded in relationships, we do this by invitation, not obligation.  Through faith, we have seen meaningful growth, servant leaders born, and renewed hope, and we invite you along on the journey to believe.  


You can subscribe below to hear the hearts of our employees and leaders as we offer spiritual perspectives on current events, company happenings, or just musings of the heart of our founder, Ethan Fernhaber.  The reward of this faith is to see what you believe.  We will journey together. 

Need prayer?

Our company, while not a faith-based organization, is filled with faith-based people! As a loving extended "family", we desire to support each other through the ups and downs of life. We'd love to pray and support you on your journey of faith. We also realize that spiritual support comes in many forms. Check out our employee handbook for more tools to help you grow, including prayer events, counseling help, addiction recovery and more.


Thanks for subscribing!

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